Cold Plunge Chiller & Heater


Smart Chiller Details

  • Ozone water chiller with ozone disinfection, filtration & 1hp pump
  • Cool to 37 or Heat to 107 degrees
  • Ozone disinfection and water filtration
  • 1HP pump
  • Standard 120v wall outlet
  • WIFI enabled controls
  • Free Local Delivery
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Industry leading 1hp cooling AND heating power means invigorating iceless plunges down to 37°F and relaxing hot soaks up to 107°F. The built-in water circulation pump with micro-filtration and ozone sanitation systems mean clean water and less maintenance.

Perfect for ice baths, plunges, recovery and breathe work. Black color with 120v standard US wall plug. Includes heating and cooling dual temperature controls, ozone disinfection and water filtration system as well as WIFI remote control via mobile App. Temperature range is 37-107 degrees Fahrenheit.

Standard lead time is 3-5 weeks from the time of order placement.

FREE local delivery only (no installation included)

*No returns or exchanges*